Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Open Sesame or not

I love how a bad day can turn out to be a good day. This morning we were running a little late like always! I try to leave the house 5 minutes early that way we have plenty of time because we usually leave the house at exactly the right time. So I tell myself, we have to leave by 7:15 to get to the bus on time. When actually we need to leave by 7:20. This morning it was raining and I don't just mean sprinkling. The boys and I get in the car and I open the gate to leave our driveway. When I start to pull forward I realize that the gate didn't open. I say to myself, really?! (For those of you that don't know me well, its my favorite word!) So I open it again, only this time it wouldn't open. Darn gate! In Italy everyone has a gate that either leads to their house or their parking lot/drive way. We have a big parking area in the front and a smaller one in the back. We usually park up front because we have a huge American car. Sometimes the gate doesn't work. Its like everything else, it has its days! Back to the story, I try several times to open the gate and nothing happens. At this point I realize its going to be a bad day and the boys aren't going to make it to the bus. So I wake up Kelly. (He has training all week so I was letting him sleep) He rides his bike to the station so I knew I would have to drive him to work anyway. Back to our gate. Since it won't open we have to use the key. That means getting out of our dry car and standing in the rain. Not fun at all! The only problem is we can't find the key to open the box. Of course, right! After searching the house for the key, we are finally ready to leave. By the time we get outside its raining much harder than before. So Kelly and I are not in the best of moods. Soaking wet at 7:45 in the morning is just awful! We'll just say that no one said a word all the way to school. Once we get close we realize that God must have stopped time for us because its only 8:00. It usually takes about 10 minutes to get to base but between 7:30 and 9:00 it usually takes 20 minutes or more. That's why the boys ride the bus! The mood in the car starts to lighten. While we're sitting at the round-about waiting on our turn. Kelly says look, "There's a rainbow over Monte Berico." (Monte Berico is a church on top of a hill in Vicenza. When its not foggy/smoggy you can see it from almost everywhere) It was a huge rainbow! The colors weren't super bright but it was beautiful! That rainbow was just for us! We got the boys to school before the second bell rang at 8:10. Kelly and I did our usual and went for coffee. It's my favorite thing that we do. We don't really have a babysitter here so that is our date time. As we're having coffee the crazy morning slowly leaves our mind. It doesn't matter now. When I look back on Monte Berico as I'm driving home I remember that God didn't promise us perfect days, but He did promise that he'd always be there through rain and shine! I'll say it again, I love when a bad day turns out to be a good one!

Monte Berico - standing right beside it. This one of my favorite pictures!

Another picture of Monte Berico. This time you can see the bell tower. It is such a beautiful church. Its something I looking forward to seeing (almost) every day. 

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